Cross Training for Belly Dance

Why should you cross train?

It’s important that as sensual athletes, we don’t allow ourselves to over use the same muscles or muscles groups. We need to vary our muscle group use, especially if some are often neglected during our training, rehearing, & performing of our dance. It helps us not over extend any muscles and continuously use every muscle our body has. In addition, varying your workouts can also enhance your belly dancing.

What are the best options & why?

You have a slew of options available to you to choose from! You can go skiing, running, rock climbing, & jumping; there is no limit to how you can vary your training. I would suggest to best options for belly dancers are exercises that strengthen your core, give you cardio endurance, and heighten your movements. That could be weight lifting, aerobics, and/or a completely different dance form. These will all give your dancing an edge as you will be able to dance longer without quickly tiring, do amazing things with the seeming imbalancing & gravity defying of your body, because you control it from the core, and improve movement uniqueness because you studied more than one art form.

How should I schedule this?

I believe the optimum plan, in addition to you current belly practices, would be to include cross training twice a week for at least 30 minutes each time. For my own personal cross training, I choose a different music genre, which changes the tempo, & rhythm, which alters my movement patterns. This helps me get an entirely new workout and use other muscle groups at that time.

If you cross train, what do you do, why, & what it your schedule for it?