No Believer Should be Doing Yoga

There I said it.

No Believer on this planet Should EVER be Doing Yoga


People who follow Christ, that are interested in body movements for flexiblity, stress relief, weight loss, better circulation and other health benefits need to ask themselves a few questions:

Where did yoga come from?

Who were its original teachers?

Why is ‘everyone‘ into it?

What is my attraction to this form of ‘exercise’?

Does its purpose contradict the Word of God?

Is it possible to separate the physical movements from its spiritual roots?

If you cannot answer these questions, I implore you to do some research on it BEFORE you continue if you are practicing it.

If you need help, I did some for you & also found an alternative.

Disclaimer: I am not personally affiliated to any group or persons in these links; I’m just a voice crying in this wilderness to my people asking for God to open their eyes and protect them from all evil.

Read, decide, and judge for yourself:

It’s in the poses!

Who is Lord?

Pass on Yoga..

What should I know about Yoga?

Yoga is Everywhere:

But what about Christian Yoga?


Sneak Preview:

The Truth About YogaΒ byΒ Holly Vicente Robaina

“I received an e-mail from a staff member of the Classical Yoga Hindu Academy in New Jersey. The staff member wrote, ‘Yes, all of yoga is Hinduism. Everyone should be aware of this fact.’ This staff member included that she didn’t appreciate my ‘running down the great Hindu/Yogic religion,'” Laurette says.”Β read more at the links I provided above.


Photo credit: Cedric Lim & Burst
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