12 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself as a Dancer:

If you are a dancer, newbie or seasoned, I would ask you to consider these things if you have not already done so. These questions will provoke, and hopefully assist, you in focusing your dance gift and direction, in producing the desired results you are seeking with your talent. Having a focus helps place you in a niche, which you can become synonymous with, as opposed to being all over the place and not specializing in anything. A niche positions you for expertise level, while not having one keeps you at the base level, as you would be learning everything new for each dance and not really coming to mastery.
dancer bk
1. what style of dance do you want to be known for?

2. What type of music moves you the most?

3. what is the one emotional-adjective you want your viewers to feel as they watch you dance?

4. where are you finding the most difficulty in your dance movement?

5. are you envisioning your moves thoroughly and accurately before you execute them or are you just moving by memory or just mindlessly?

6. how long does it take for you to have muscle memory and are you investing that times with each new movement you learn?

7. which do you like more: performing dance or doing it as a work out?

8. are you best as a solo dancer or a partner dancer?

9. do you prefer doing the dance or teaching it?

10. who are your favorite dancers or choreographers and are you being mentored in their styles?

11. do you prefer watching other dancers or being watched as one?

12. why do you want to dance?

BONUS: is dance a hobby, a workout, or a profession for you?