Natural Girl

Being a purist at heart in many things, like music genres, dance styles, and food health, it logically follows that I’m a NATURAL. In an effort to embrace the beauty ofΒ  natural-ness in all things, this page is dedicate to all things natural.

As a dancer, it’s not only important to watch your diet, but also what you place on your skin and hair. Contrary to popular thought, your skin and hair are not impenetrable barriesr. What you put on it, permeates your internal systems, including your organs and blood stream. In my quest to glorify God with taking care of all that He give me and not destroying them ( myself, others, animals, earth, etc) I seek to be 100% pure.

Besides clinging to a great rainbow diet, organic-locally produced foods, and natural ingredients in my diet habits, I also put natural things on my skin. Luke 9:1 says ‘Jesus called together his twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases’. I believe we can prevent some of these diseases by changing our health habits and skin care routine, so we wont need to cast out what we did not help to bring in!

The Bible as says to ‘look well to [your] flock of herds, and yet ‘how much more valuable [are you] than a sheep!’ (in Proverbs & Matthew 12:12 respectively). Please take care of your bodies and your environment, for Revelations reveals that God is displeased when we destroy his earth!

~Try to give up these hindrances to total and optimum health. If you cannot go cold turkey like I did, gradually decrease or replace them so you aren’t missing them. If you have a question on why to give up a certain item, just ask me and I’ll give you some information on why πŸ™‚ Enjoy the journey!

*Sodas, especially dark ones
*Dairy, especially milk (see )
*White flour products
*Sugar, sub with natural sweeteners
*Heavy meats, especially pork and at times beef

~I make my own products, since a lot of ‘pure and natural and organic’ products on the market still retain several toxic ingredients within. Stay away from things that have mineral oil, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), methyl/propyl/butyl/ethyl, talc, aluminum, paraben, etc. )


~Because we all have various types of hair and its care is so intricate and extensive, I’ve dedicated a whole site to it alone!

Check it out at:


~ It’s important to have a strong connection to the Lord to keep your mind sound. You will found various things that have this underlying theme throughout this site, but if you are a female, you might want to take a look at my site dedicated to the feminine woman at

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