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Many are wondering what type of music to use when dancing and if all kinds of Christian music is okay to dance to. Well, not all music that is labelled Christian music is really Christian music. Instead of listening to the beats first, listen to the lyrics. The Bible says that the Spirit of Truth, which is in you (Holy Spirit), will guide you into all truth. He will identify to your spirit, whether the music is holy or not, pleasing to the Lord, or not, for this time, or not. Also, if you chose to dance to what may be truly Christian music at a time that the Holy Spirit has not said to dance to, becomes the wrong music because of the season and timing of the Lord. There is a timing for everything and even though something can be neutral or good, if it’s done at the wrong time or place, becomes the wrong thing and is sin. Please consult the Holy Spirit on all music you decide to dance to, whether publicly or privately.

Holy Spirit

When you dance, something happens in the Spirit World. There have been times I have danced to Christian music in private that the Holy Spirit brings a spirit of wrongness in me and I feel I should stop dancing (either to the song or the manner in which I’m dancing) immediately and I usually do. Then I repent. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what he is saying in that moment is critical for so many reasons. One reason would be success in your personal life. If you are supposed to be ushering in a spirit of healing and you are dancing to a spirit of warfare, you are out of tune, out of place, and will not be in line with what the Lord is decreeing and desiring for that season.


Keep praying about your dance. Be very careful in studying music genres within the Christian music realm, especially via the internet. Some will have you believe ALL Christian Artists form a certain genre is unholy and that’s not necessarily so. Many have a true heart for Christ, you will discern by their fruit, by their lyrics, and the spirit that is attached to the songs.

With that said, a few great choices of holy music I’ve used and enjoyed have been:

  • the Soundtrack to the movie The Passion of Christ
  • Nicole Mullen -Hallelujah
  • Almost anything by Flame, Cross Movement, Street Pastor-Yaves, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Mr Amen/Ordinary
  • David Crowder’s Band – How He Loves Me
  • Beverly Crawford – He’s done enough
  • *Third Day – God of Wonders
  • Nicole Nordeman -Holy

Here are some links to a variety of Β Christian music:

Christian Electronica

Updated on 4/9/13

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