Great Dancers – past and present

Great Examples of Anointed Christian Dancers ( list excluding Christian groups; you can find that on the link under sources ):

K &K Mime ( brothers – mimes)

Dr. Ann Stevenson (ballet, modern)

Prof. Marilyn T. Deveaux (dance theatre)

Heather Clark (varied)

WE ARE IN NEED OF MORE CHRISTIAN DANCERSSS!!! Or at least greater exposure…

Great Examples of Dancers

Carmen De Lavallade (Janet Collins’ cousin – modern dance)

Janet Collins (first African American to dance for the NY MET,  in 40s – ballet & modern)

Alvin Ailey (close friend of Carmen De Lavallade – modern dance)

Samia Gamal (belly and latin)

Mikhail Baryshnikov (ballet)

Fred Astaire (modern and broadway)

Ginger Rogers (modern and broadway)

Gergory Hines (tap dance)

Savion Glover (tap dance)

Michael Jackson (pop)

Mr Wiggles (hip hop styles, funk)

Popin Taco (hip hop styles, funk)

Bogaloo Sam (hip hop styles, funk)

Marquese Scott ( hip hop dub style )

last added on  3/27/13

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