Ideas for Dancers

Concern #1I’m a choreographer looking for a (better) way to notate all my dances.

Solution #1 – with labanotation it is possible to record any type of human movement. Labanotation is a standardized system for analyzing and recording any human motion.  See

Concern #2I need inspiration for my dance

Solution #2 – there are many places you can look to for dance inspiration. start by studying movement. It could be movement of a butterfly in nature, movement of a martial artist in a movie, or movement of a baby crawling across the floor. Just relax and live in the moment of the movement. When you mind is relaxed, creative, God-inspired ideas can easily flow to your spirit, which is ready to receive it.

Concern #3 I need help choreographing my dance

Solution #3 – try to dissect the various instruments or beats in the song and consider various ways to move to them. Incorporate various vertical dance levels and enough use of spacing that will engage your audience. Change your transitions from one dance move to another until you find one that ‘fits’. Play around with one move and try to dance it differently with varied dance styles or take one style and alter the angle, orientation, or direction the move it performed with.


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