Contribute – why & how

Why should you donate to Christian Dancer?

This ministry is dedicated to ministering to God’s people through the arts of dance and sign language.

Whether you want to give one time or regularly, in a big or small way, even $1 helps me continue to build!!

The money will go towards my sharpening and increasing my skills as well as other operating/administrative costs for this site, like: registration, research, marketing, mailers, plug ins, studio time, music, costuming etc. Below the picture will give you an idea of current costs for this site as well as nurturing this ministry.

Every Gift, large or small, will be thanked by a free copy of my new book of the most riveting dance quotes from the dance community, past and present.

JustΒ CLICK HERE to make a difference in this ministry.


Another way to support this ministry is by purchasing one of my books onΒ  kindle, for less than a dollar:

Make A Decision

25 Best Dance Quotes

10 Popular Misquotes not from the Bible

10 Popular Misconceptions not from the Bible

Thank you for your support.

dancer bk

Approximation of expenses:

Site costs & research –Β  $30/year

Research – $100/month

Marketing – $100/month

Studio time – $25/hr

Music & costuming – $50/performance

Lunch – $7/day πŸ™‚


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