Christian Dancing 101

So I get a lot of questions about what is Christian Dancing, what Dances can Christians do, and what are the dos and donts of Dancing for Christians. Here is a quick list to approaching Dancing as a Christian. Please contact me if you have any specific questions or concerns about this topic or any of the items listed below.

#1 – It doesn’t matter how skilled or talented in the dance you are..if you aren’t filled with the true spirit of Christ, you should not be dancing and labeling it Christian dance

#2 – A Saved dancer should not be dancing worldly, profane dances and claiming they are taking back what is originally God’s

#3 – Christian dancers should have a lifestyle of seeking the Lord, reading the Word, fasting & praying, and dying to self

#4 – Anointed dancers should be familiar with repentance, forgiveness, mercy, and love, otherwise adverse spirits will affect their dancing, let alone their lives

#5 – God could care less about a dancers’ ‘holy’ moves compared to a pure heart, living righteous, and being holy like Him

#6 – The type of dancing you choose doesn’t not matter as much as your purpose, your music, and your dress…but it should be a understood that ‘stripping’ and the like is not a godly dance that Christians should be doing in public nor with someone who is not their spouse.

#7 – Many Christian musicians produce diverse music, such as hip hop, contemporary, gospel, alternative-rock, and dub-step. If the music/band is filled with his Spirit and the Lord leads your spirit to dance to it, do not let any religious thoughts stop you

#8 – As a Christian Dancer you should be seeking what God has called you to do specifically in the arena of dance

#9 – There will be occasions where the Dance & Music is right, but the place is wrong or the place is right and the kind of Dance is wrong, so just like a word that needs to be spoken in due season, so shall you need to be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is allowing or preventing for each situation

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