Can’t get to the studio?

Having a hard time getting to the dance studio?

Whatever the reason:




These tips can keep you perfecting your dance skills like a pro:

How I should Choreograph vs how I actually do it

Ready to hear my secret? I am really ashamed to admit this…


The way I choreograph….. It’s not standard for my field.
It’s not even normal for a sane person!

How I choreograph…

Usually at the last minute.

And I mean last, last, last minute, like I have two or three days to perform it, last minute. And I usually know a month in advance when I have a showing or recording.

I know, it’s pathetic. I cannot give you a reasonable explanation as to why I do it. It’s not that I work best under pressure, because I don’t think I do. It’s not that I don’t have time, because anyone can find time to do what they need or want.

It’s because…..I cannot do it any other way.

Ok, before you give me a lecture about it. Consider my point of view: I have A LOT of ideas coming to me ALL THE TIME. And I change the movements often, as well as the music. Then I get excited over another dance project and set that one aside. Sometimes, I don’t even put the work together, until I step on stage….

….and Freestyle!

I need help. I can admit that. And I am working on doing better.

I make dance notations, I listen repetitively to the chosen songs to memorize its rhythms and timing, and I even have a technique to prefect each movement.

Have I mastered this? Not a day.

Will I change? I hope so soon.

Do you have pity on me? Show me with some change in the hat..

Until then, I will improve……….I will get better……….I will mature in the art of making dances.


Dear Subscribers & Visitors,

Please excuse my absence…I’ve been focusing on other things during my life transitions, which has kept me from blogging.

Since then, I’ve had a few spotlights on the stage, recorded some Youtube videos, wrote some books, and reached a few goals 🙂

If you want to see what I’m doing in the arts of femininity, check out my new blog on the art of femininity at the Feminine Princess Site. I should be able to resume my dance posts now 🙂 I have a lot of new stuff coming up to share with you!

Thanks for sticking around :-*

Oh, and by the way…where in the world are you guy at now??


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A Mini Guide to How I Gained Weight – in 5 Steps

While many Americans are attempting to lose weight, did you know that about 7% of us are trying to put some on? Out of over 305 Million Americans, 7% is roughly 22.5 Million People with a goal to gain a few pounds! A while ago, I use to be grossly underweight and decided one day to change that.

I gained my desired weight in five steps. Here, I share them with you:

1. Change your Mentality – To reach any goal, you will need to believe you can gain weight, regardless of what your history has been. I was able gain over 10 pounds by adjusting my mindset alone (think of God’s response on the Tower of Babel and of the two fishermen’s responses to Jesus’ command to let the fish net down for a catch). I used to think and tell others that I NEVER gain weight. Then, I started to think and say that I will gain weight. Weeks later, I was at my desired weight.

2. Pray and Quote Scriptures – First ask the Lord to help you in your goal weight and find Scriptures to speak aloud at least once a day to keep you in the right mindset. God will reward your request and faithfulness. (Whatever you ask in prayer, believe you will receive, and you will have it).

3. EAT EAT EAT – Consume foods that have a high count of calories, but remember to stay healthy. Here are specific foods and nutrients that helped me:

A. Drink High Protein, Vitamin, & Amino Acids mixed Smoothies (minimum 3x a week)

B. Eat various butters – Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, etc.

C. Add high volumes of chicken and fish (3-4x week)

D. Use Olive Oil generously in your diet, and I mean GENEROUSLY

E. Have at least 3 meals each day and have snacks in between meals, as well as some healthy dessert after dinner 🙂

4. Move – This may seem counterproductive, but if you are moving your body, especially with repetitive movements or free weights, you are building muscle, keeping active, and soon the body starts to bulk up. In addition, your body will tone the extra weight you are gaining so it doesn’t just add it to places without form on your body.

5. Forget the Rules – Ok, so I am a rule player and principle follower by nature, but when it comes to this goal, you must forget the rules. You know them: don’t eat after 7pm, don’t eat a lot of meat, don’t pile on the carbs, don’t shop on an empty stomach, don’t eat heavy meals before bed, always measure your food in small portions, fill up on greens and other veggies first, etc, etc…Just throw these rules all out, while on your way to a bigger you. You may pick them up again later, if you wish.

I hope these steps help your journey, as they have mine. Please, share with me your weight goal, your course of action, when you reach it, or any other comments below 🙂

Why I Bellydance, being a Christian

belly girl

As a Christian dancer, most people think when I dance to praise to Lord, that I do what’s labeled as praise dance, which usually  incorporates beautiful flowing white or creme robes, props such as a flag, a pole, or a scarf. Although I do use props, you probably wont see me in a robe doing traditional praise dances to God. Instead I use a variety of dances to offer my gift to the Lord.

So I dance a myriad of styles and when people hear belly dance among those styles, they wonder: Is she really saved? How could she possibly dance sensually and claim she is praising God? Can a Christian dancer belly dance too?

When Miriam danced with tambourines and the women joined her (Exodus 15:20), do you think she was doing hip hop? What about ballet? Ha! Those are new dance forms compared to ancient history. They danced to rejoice at the great victory God just showed them by delivering them from Pharaoh of Egypt and his great army, drowned in the sea.

I believe the women in biblical times danced the dances that were native and indigenous  to their land and people. These dances are called folk dances. Now the Israelis in Israel have folk dances today, but are these the same dances that were performed in Moses time? I’m not sure, just like the Modern Hebrew language we have today has been reconstructed in the 1950s, with much historical study, so could their dances be.

My theory is that Oriental Dance, or what America coined as belly dance, is the OLDEST DANCE from the middle eastern lands that we have. I believe it has been passed down from many generations and now shared with us. I think oriental dance is a form of folk dance that is closer to what Miriam and her female companions danced than what we see today.

In that respect, I can use Oriental Dance to praise God too. Of course, America, has altered its appeal, dress, perception, and environment, and I am very careful not to play into that ideal. I dress modestly, know the dance’s purpose, and only use it in a non lusting environment. Most true belly dance performers, are not strippers, but dance in family environments, special performances, and, at times, pull several people from the audience to dance with her.

Although I do not foresee belly dancing going to the alter of a church anytime soon, I will continue to hope the people can understand and celebrate its purity and beauty and see it as the oldest form of dance we have that connects us with the ancestors.

(image: from MEE cd cover)

How to Recovery Quickly from a Performance

dance e kit

Since being extremely sore and stiff one day after my performance, I researched ways to recover, fast! Thank God for the internet, where answers are at your fingertips!! Here are 7 things dancers should consider and incorporate in their lives if they want a long dance career and a quickly healed body:

#1 Get enough rest/sleep for your body. If you can afford to, go to bed at a decent hour and allow your natural body’s biological rhythm to wake you up. This will bring your body in restoration as it determines how much rest it need to operate.

#2 Have a massage. If you don’t have access to one, self-massage your muscles gently. Always stroke towards the heart and not away from it.

#3 Eat the best nutritional diet for your body type. An overall balanced diet is great, but listening to and feeding your body what it needs is best. Are there any nutrient deficiencies? Does your body function at its optimum with certain foods? Are you craving anything specific?

#4 Stretch it.  Stretching your body will not only prevent atrophy, but relax and prepare it for future use again.

#5 Add protein to your diet. Eating veggies and fruit alone will not give you the energy and endurance you need to heal and work.

#6 Think positive thoughts. Your thoughts will reflect in your body and performance. Think and focus on lovely and wonderful things. You attract and manifest things  by your thoughts, so think wisely!

#7 Speak good things to yourself. What you say and believe is what you’ll have and you can speed up recovery and better your performance with purposed words. Say optimistic and strategic things to yourself and your body will be good to you too.