When was the last time…

5 questions for seasoned dancers:

When was the last time..

1 You danced freely? Without concern of others, technique, or feelings?

2 You danced for no one but God, as your audience & how does that affect your movements?

3 You danced without thinking about anything, (unrelated thoughts, what move is next, how you are executing a move, or what the audience is thinking), but only about how you feel, how the dance feels, how the music feels, & how your body feels?

4 You danced without using all your muscles except the ones needed for each present movement?

5 You danced with the sole purpose of creating great & lovely energy for your audience, whether of one or five hundred?


*all photos in this post can be found on my Pinterest board, ArtoftheDance.

Extreme Femininity

It is very important to be led by the Holy Spirit in every part of your life. He leads you to your specific promise land!

And although He has given my the gift of Dance, lately, He has me focusing on the model of masculinity & femininity, as He designed it.

( Genesis 1:27 – So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. )

Now, the study, mastering, and promotion of these EXTREME polar opposites is my new obsession…

I think I may share a 30-day plan to becoming ultra-feminine, for all women, world-wide, who desire to do so πŸ™‚ stay tuned…

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