Praise Dance to J.R.’s Just for Me

Praise Dance***

3rd Performance…

I prayed for the Lord to direct my movements and be with me on the stage. He kept his Word and this is the result:

Talent Concert!!


Come watch talented and skills ASL performers at Praising Hands Deaf Fellowship hosted by A.C.O.D.A ( AIGA Changing Our Deaf Awareness ) !!!

Date on February 22, 2014 from 2-5pm at 5336 Arbor Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808.

Contact me for tickets – adults are $8 / children $4


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COME and support our Deaf Community and Performers!!

2nd Performance!!!

Ok. So before we even get to my performance, I need to say….there was a problem. A technical difficulty with the music. If you read about my first performance, you know that this happened before. This time I wasn’t handling the music. This reoccurring theme…must stop. Of course, the enemies of God’s praise doesn’t want me to dance, but Glory to God I will press through!

This was the first time I danced with a praise garment and it was wonderful! Although the sound system amplified the music and muted the singing, I hoped that my dance displayed the meaning effectively. This performance came about within three days:

1. got the call on day 1 and narrowed down choice to 2 songs

2. picked one song and worked on understanding meaning  and putting together the foundation of the choreography

3. changed the song 2x and went back the original song chosen, practiced dance 5x

DAY OF DANCE. practiced 5x and prayed…this is the result:

I really appreciate Bibleway’s Sister Butler for this opportunity and the praise robe, Sister Deidre for praying with me right before I danced, and the Sister who recorded this for me. I Love You, lovely ladies!! This experience taught me that you really should be prepared AT ALL TIMES, because you don’t always know when you’ll get a phone call to minister. But when you do get that call you have to be ready, since you don’t want to tell God you couldn’t complete an assignment because you didn’t have enough time…I bet Simon Peter wasn’t expecting God to show up in his fishing business when He told him to cast the net on the other side and finally caught so many fish that the net broke! (Luke 5:1-10)

DanceFest 2013

Attending this event on July the 12st at the Long Beach Performance Arts Center was fun and educational.

IMG498     IMG489

IMG491     IMG496

IMG501     IMG499


Those are some of the wonderful dancers, young and older. The dance styles ranged from locking, boogalooing, popping, wacking, cambodian folk, khmer martial arts, to spanish folk.