Can’t get to the studio?

Having a hard time getting to the dance studio?

Whatever the reason:




These tips can keep you perfecting your dance skills like a pro:

Has This Ever Happened to You?

So I’m all prepared for my first class: dance wear, music CDs, take home handouts, class itinerary, everything. I get to class 10 minutes before time to set up for my small group of students that evening. I enter the main studio to be welcomed by a old school break music for breakers blasting. Kids on scooters darting across the floor. Awaiting my students, I begin to coordinate their break-dance routine. Meanwhile, the director is no where to be found and no one with keys wants to open other classrooms for me. After much inquiry, I discover that the director had a last minute family emergency and forgot to tell the other dance instructors I was coming! No room in the inn for me. I quickly text all my students (I’m so glad I had their numbers) and cancelled the class they waited 6 weeks for. I was so upset and disappointed. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that all things work together for my good, because I love him and am called according to His purpose. Some good will spring out from this and I’ll let you know just what the Holy spirit planned for me instead in the next few posts…