Books on Dance

In the past several decades, there have been many dance books published!  We will attempt to make a definitive list of all christian based books.   The ones that have the “#” symbol are ones we have read and recommend. 16 total.

*Dancing in the Right Spirit : a delightful, useful, and Scriptural Pleasure – Author unknown , published in London: Harrison, Pall Mall, 1882#

*Restoring the Dance: Seeking God’s Order – Ann Stevenson#

*Rejoice – Debbie Roberts#

*Dancing into the Anointing – Aimee Kovacs#

*Dance unto God – Raynita Robertson

*Let the Levites Dance – Raynita Robertson

*I was born to Dance – Ann Peterson Higgins

*Dance as the Spirit Moves – Heather Clark#

*Dancing in the Spirit – Karen Curry

*My Body is the Temple – Stephanie Butler

*Praise Him in the Dance – Marvelous Ministries

*Dancing for Joy – Murray Silberling

*Exercising Kingdom Dominion in Dance – MarilynT. Deveaux#

*The Purpose of Dance – Ann Peterson Higgins

*Mime Ministry – Susan Kelly Toomay

Autobiography / Biographies:

*Night’s Dancer by Janet Collins

Revised 09/12/13

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