How Dancing Can Move a Man…

The male soul is greatly sensitive to beauty, grace, and femininity. This is because it is the part of him that is missing. It’s missing because God removed it from him, as He created the first woman.

Since a man gets turned on at sensual movement, dancing in a way that pierces a man’s heart can cause him to commit to that dancer for life! Before you dismiss this as extreme, idealistic, or dreamy, I know of an account that this happened. Men on a mass scale were falling in love and married women that were moving to sensual & feminine music played in an open garden.

This is exactly what happened to a portion of the men from the tribe of Benjamin. The book of Judges describes in chapter & verse. 21: 19-24, how these men hid in the vineyards and watched the sweet innocent pretty virgins of Shiloh, dance among themselves.

image          image

When a particular maiden moved one of those mens’ hearts, they snatched her up, took her home, away from the city of Shiloh, and made her his wife in the land of the Benjaminites.

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This may not be your style of courtship, but at that time it was a reasonable solution to the lonely bachelor problem. Many biblical courtships lasted no longer than a day, as seen here – from the first introduction to the consummation within a 24-hour period, but that’s another topic, another article, & another day. It’s interesting to know that throughout history, dancing is also used as a seduction, known or unknown to the one dancing, besides it being a gift & tribute to the Lord.


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How Dance is an act of Worship or Praise

Have you ever won at something and started…….dancing?


Whenever an individual, a group, a team, a nation wins at a milestone, a championship, a game, a war, one of the most automatic responses is to dance. This is because it is natural. To express joy over some victory usually comes out in dancing.

In the presence of God, your spirit is also compelled to present or give something to the king and dance is an appropriate and natural response. This dance for the Lord has more slower solemn movements.

Why are both forms of dance, acts of praise and worship?

Dance takes all of:

Your Mind ~ brain functions, like motor skills )
Your Body ~ all of your body parts )
Your Soul ~ feeling about the music, mood, & movements )
Your Spirit ~ the nature of you

And since you are giving all of yourself through dance to the Lord, whether victory/praise or worship, He accepts it because you kept nothing from Him. You have honored Him through the Dance.