Why is Dancing in the Church such a Controversy

I don’t understand this. Maybe because before I really could perfect how to walk, I starting dancing~in the church. I was soooo young, maybe 2 or 3, and yes my mother had to hold my body still to prevent me from really ‘getting down”. Looking back, I realize I was always dancing in the church. I danced in the church before I danced in the world. Back then, the world was defined as my world of music videos and school dance battles.

That is where I learned and secretly practiced my dances.

Perhaps I have this idea of dance being sacred. After all, many use it to ‘summon’ their god, seduce a lover, or pay tribute to some honorary figure. Dance, to me, was always to be revered and performed for something lofty. I perceived to to be a gift that I would present to my God, my King, my Lord. Yet, now, I am angered inside when I see dance being improperly used. It is being over used to market products, promote unworthy people, and entice many lovers. The most skilled are sought to reduce their art to a luring magnet to something so un-sacred, it upsets me greatly. I’m not upset that they are sought after, for dancing among many things is beautiful when done right, but because the dancers are willing to sell their art so cheaply.

The Church should be experts at the Word of God as a whole by now. With the information, modern technology, and spiritual support, we should be masters at discerning the Bible. If we were then we should know that dancing is a gift that praises and worships God. If I could have any say in the ‘Church’ I would fight to restore dance back in the church and out of the marketing world. It should not be considered controversial, but a pleasurable act that occurs in the victory of our Lord: Look at Miriam! Look at David! Look at Jephthah’s daughter! Look at the daughters of Shiloh! Even God is recorded as one who DANCES over us!! (Zephaniah 3:17)

Dancing was and is for celebration, for victory, for kings (see Saul, David, Herod – although that dance caused John’s demise because of the dancer’s evil mother, but it was really intended to please the king, not cause the death of a prophet).

Oh Church, please become aware that you are loosing one of the greatest tools we have, in the spiritual world and to the world. Fight to restore it by bringing back dancing and its purpose for His people. Lessen the power it has over marketing services, products, and ideas. Bring it back….to God.

2 responses to “Why is Dancing in the Church such a Controversy

  1. I think that this begins with one person who has a passion bringing it back to the Church they attend and it catches on, if not then I move on. I use dance during worship in any Church I attend to show God’s Light during worship. I believe in God moving through the earth in the area of bringing restoration to the area of worship. Over the last two years I’ve brought dance to three different Churches- One Church I was assisting with Sunday school and asked for permission to teach some girls to dance at a Church Christmas Banquet. The next Church I just danced in the seat area that I sat in every week. I felt God tell me to begin to re-train my body for professional-level dance so I began to change the way that I was eating and do stretching etc-now I’m dancing 3-4 hours a day. I told that to the female Pastor that God was calling me to dance as ministry but she dismissed it and said No- He probably just wants you to dance before Him. I left that Church. Then I visited a Church and danced during the entire worship section. For me- I don’t worry about what everyone else thinks (well I try not to). I just focus on God during the worship and if I feel to dance- I dance.

    I believe if more women started to let go of their fears and begin dancing during worship it would catch on in more Churches. It is fear that is keeping dance out of the churches. And in some of the older more traditional Pastors- they have a fear of the young people who are able to minister and they are doing all that they can to discourage dancing in the Churches. It is fear that binds people but the good thing is that God is able to deliver us of all fear and God is able to deliver His true bride. For me the bride of Christ is the collection of all of God’s true followers- It is not a specific Church denomination or race of people- We are all spread throughout the world- in every country and both in and out of the churches.

    There is an increasing number of house churches across the world because many Churches have been getting it wrong, dictating to people, being unloving and keeping emotion and passion out of worshiping God but I have also begun to see that there are Churches rising up who know the Father Heart of God and how it pleases Him to see his people come to him unhindered and expressing themselves completely to Him in any way that they are able. These Churches are supporting dance in the Churches and as an area of ministry.

    So be encouraged that dance is coming back into the Churches and to God.

    • This is Awesome & Amen, & again Amen. You said some wonderful & good things here. Your words also bring encouragement to my heart on the future of dance in the church. Bravo!

      Would you be interested in doing a guest post for my site? I’m moved by your thoughts, experience, & writing style.

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