A Mini Guide to How I Gained Weight – in 5 Steps

While many Americans are attempting to lose weight, did you know that about 7% of us are trying to put some on? Out of over 305 Million Americans, 7% is roughly 22.5 Million People with a goal to gain a few pounds! A while ago, I use to be grossly underweight and decided one day to change that.

I gained my desired weight in five steps. Here, I share them with you:

1. Change your Mentality – To reach any goal, you will need to believe you can gain weight, regardless of what your history has been. I was able gain over 10 pounds by adjusting my mindset alone (think of God’s response on the Tower of Babel and of the two fishermen’s responses to Jesus’ command to let the fish net down for a catch). I used to think and tell others that I NEVER gain weight. Then, I started to think and say that I will gain weight. Weeks later, I was at my desired weight.

2. Pray and Quote Scriptures – First ask the Lord to help you in your goal weight and find Scriptures to speak aloud at least once a day to keep you in the right mindset. God will reward your request and faithfulness. (Whatever you ask in prayer, believe you will receive, and you will have it).

3. EAT EAT EAT – Consume foods that have a high count of calories, but remember to stay healthy. Here are specific foods and nutrients that helped me:

A. Drink High Protein, Vitamin, & Amino Acids mixed Smoothies (minimum 3x a week)

B. Eat various butters – Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, etc.

C. Add high volumes of chicken and fish (3-4x week)

D. Use Olive Oil generously in your diet, and I mean GENEROUSLY

E. Have at least 3 meals each day and have snacks in between meals, as well as some healthy dessert after dinner 🙂

4. Move – This may seem counterproductive, but if you are moving your body, especially with repetitive movements or free weights, you are building muscle, keeping active, and soon the body starts to bulk up. In addition, your body will tone the extra weight you are gaining so it doesn’t just add it to places without form on your body.

5. Forget the Rules – Ok, so I am a rule player and principle follower by nature, but when it comes to this goal, you must forget the rules. You know them: don’t eat after 7pm, don’t eat a lot of meat, don’t pile on the carbs, don’t shop on an empty stomach, don’t eat heavy meals before bed, always measure your food in small portions, fill up on greens and other veggies first, etc, etc…Just throw these rules all out, while on your way to a bigger you. You may pick them up again later, if you wish.

I hope these steps help your journey, as they have mine. Please, share with me your weight goal, your course of action, when you reach it, or any other comments below 🙂