What Your Body Type May Reveal About You

Being a dancer, I spend a lot of time examining my body and others bodies as well. I’ve made some interesting observations about the correlation about a person’s body type and his or her personality.

According to my non-scientific studies, I found that a person’s body seems to be formed by the very persona he or she has! And I don’t mean the body shape classification system for clothing, but the overall type of body one has.Β  What I have discovered is that the body doesn’t make the personality, but the personality makes the body.Β  A person’s body appears to be formed by who they are. Their philosophy, traits, beliefs, and discipline levels all are exemplified in their outside appearance. People scream ‘ don’t judge me’, but judging or examining a person by their body type may give you some insight to that person.

Since this can get very complex, I will simplify it instead to a few basic types I’ve seen.

*small and/or short – feminine, quiet, studious, shy or reserved, reflective

*shapely or toned – confident, outgoing, daring, experimental, edgy

*round or undefined – overbearing, unmotivated, unenthusiastic, wanting

*tall – controlling, bossy, leader, smart, perceptive

Have you noticed these same correlations? Do you think there could be a genetic truth to this?