The Dancer’s Diet



Dancers of diverse dance styles all have their own preferences when it coming to eating well, but they all share three common goals:

1. To build and maintain high energy

2. Eat balanced meals for health

3. To eat foods for maximum agility

To reach each goal, a dancer should eat the foods that give them the highest energy to perform. This includes nuts or seeds, raisins, grains, and 100% pure juices. Next they should mix their meals from palates high in protein (meat, eggs) and add carbs and fat foods. Limiting their food choices with constant repetitive meals is not ideal for a dancer. Also, not consuming much sugar, white flour products, and high amounts of salt, will assist with not only great health and tons of energy, but with creating a better looking and more toned body. Of course, lots and lots of WATER and NO SUGAR FILLED SODAS will help any dancer perform his or her best.

*Not everyone can give up everything that’s not good for them at once, but the quicker you eliminate detrimental foods like sugar, white flour, gluten, dairy, milk chocolate out of your diet, the faster you will be able to free your body to DANCE without hindrance!