Transitioning from Performer to Teacher…


This is going to be a new journey for me.

Moving from only studying and performing to giving back the Dance to others: Becoming a Teacher.

I have always had a ‘teaching’ spirit. Whether it’s showing someone how to do something, analyze work, improve memory, or learn a new language.

Now, God is using that giftΒ  to teach art to others and in the process, I have learned five things that might help others making a similar transition:

1. Do your research, thoroughly. Know what you are teaching, because if you don’t it will show! Be honest with your students, (they can smell BS a step away) and give them the respect and knowledge they deserve.

2. Plan out how you want your class to be to the minute. This way if you deviate, you can modify to get be on track or stay off, but having a plan helps keep you organized, in control, and sane!

3. Consider the most asked questions about your dance style and have the answers ready. Remember when you were a student and wondered about some things? Most likely there will be students that will have a slew of questions about the moves.

4. Know exactly how a move is executed. You will be describing them to a classroom of people that have unique learning styles, backgrounds, and comprehension levels. If you keep the explanation very basic and simple everyone will be able to understand it, without taking a lot a demonstrating during your class time.

5. Be Ready to Sweat! Not only will you be doing the same moves PERFECTLY over and over for illustration, but you will need to stay in observation mode most of the time. You will be checking for accuracy, technique, skill, and mastery of your students, so stay alert.

If these tips have assisted you or you think of any other helpful things, please let me know!!

In the Bible, various animals have symbolized different things, both good and evil. The insect I have chosen to post above, is of a dragonfly, which are known for their acute vision abilities and represent a change. Thank you Lord for this artistic life transition and I pray, like the dragon fly you grant my acute perception in my classes.

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