1st performance…

I, ChristianDancer, just had my FIRST SOLO PERFORMANCE three days ago, on Friday the 19th of July. Although I represent Christ and had given much time to the choreography, I just wanted to throw up. I changed and reworked the dance so many times, I prayed that I would remember the steps. I had angst over whether it was simplistic or not, challenging enough, engagingΒ  or not, and especially expressive enough. That whole week leading up to it, I was sooo nervous and felt unprepared and unskilled, that I wanted to cancel the whole thing! That was just the demonic opposition working. God sent me much encouragement along to way to keep going (Thanks Scott and Becca!) and so, I went forth withΒ  prayer….

To a dancer, there is NOTHING that compares being on stage…and God answered that desire. There was some complication before the performance, like where the correct connection was for my ipod, and which sound system to use with lower reverb…After struggling with the sound on the amp for what appeared like ETERNITY just as I was announced to perform, I finally found that the volume was way down, ahhhh! Upon turning it up full blast and settling onto the middle of the stage, everything just fell into place. I asked the Lord to be glorified in my dance,Β  to assist me in portraying the music and lyrics accurately, and to minister to others. And He did. I even did the choreography a bit different than I had practiced. I believe that might occur often based on the atmosphere, sentiment of the audience, and willingness to be lead by the Holy Ghost.

Thank God someone was recording it, so I’ll post the video soon πŸ™‚ , but I didn’t even think of having someone shoot me! I was too nervous. Next time, I’ll be more prepared and a lot calmer. I also got compliments on my dance, which I gave the Lord full glory for. Thank you God for making my first solo performance your success.


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