DanceFest 2013

Attending this event on July the 12st at the Long Beach Performance Arts Center was fun and educational.

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Those are some of the wonderful dancers, young and older. The dance styles ranged from locking, boogalooing, popping, wacking, cambodian folk, khmer martial arts, to spanish folk.

How to Recovery Quickly from a Performance

dance e kit

Since being extremely sore and stiff one day after my performance, I researched ways to recover, fast! Thank God for the internet, where answers are at your fingertips!! Here are 7 things dancers should consider and incorporate in their lives if they want a long dance career and a quickly healed body:

#1 Get enough rest/sleep for your body. If you can afford to, go to bed at a decent hour and allow your natural body’s biological rhythm to wake you up. This will bring your body in restoration as it determines how much rest it need to operate.

#2 Have a massage. If you don’t have access to one, self-massage your muscles gently. Always stroke towards the heart and not away from it.

#3 Eat the best nutritional diet for your body type. An overall balanced diet is great, but listening to and feeding your body what it needs is best. Are there any nutrient deficiencies? Does your body function at its optimum with certain foods? Are you craving anything specific?

#4 Stretch it.  Stretching your body will not only prevent atrophy, but relax and prepare it for future use again.

#5 Add protein to your diet. Eating veggies and fruit alone will not give you the energy and endurance you need to heal and work.

#6 Think positive thoughts. Your thoughts will reflect in your body and performance. Think and focus on lovely and wonderful things. You attract and manifest things  by your thoughts, so think wisely!

#7 Speak good things to yourself. What you say and believe is what you’ll have and you can speed up recovery and better your performance with purposed words. Say optimistic and strategic things to yourself and your body will be good to you too.

1st performance…

I, ChristianDancer, just had my FIRST SOLO PERFORMANCE three days ago, on Friday the 19th of July. Although I represent Christ and had given much time to the choreography, I just wanted to throw up. I changed and reworked the dance so many times, I prayed that I would remember the steps. I had angst over whether it was simplistic or not, challenging enough, engaging  or not, and especially expressive enough. That whole week leading up to it, I was sooo nervous and felt unprepared and unskilled, that I wanted to cancel the whole thing! That was just the demonic opposition working. God sent me much encouragement along to way to keep going (Thanks Scott and Becca!) and so, I went forth with  prayer….

To a dancer, there is NOTHING that compares being on stage…and God answered that desire. There was some complication before the performance, like where the correct connection was for my ipod, and which sound system to use with lower reverb…After struggling with the sound on the amp for what appeared like ETERNITY just as I was announced to perform, I finally found that the volume was way down, ahhhh! Upon turning it up full blast and settling onto the middle of the stage, everything just fell into place. I asked the Lord to be glorified in my dance,  to assist me in portraying the music and lyrics accurately, and to minister to others. And He did. I even did the choreography a bit different than I had practiced. I believe that might occur often based on the atmosphere, sentiment of the audience, and willingness to be lead by the Holy Ghost.

Thank God someone was recording it, so I’ll post the video soon 🙂 , but I didn’t even think of having someone shoot me! I was too nervous. Next time, I’ll be more prepared and a lot calmer. I also got compliments on my dance, which I gave the Lord full glory for. Thank you God for making my first solo performance your success.