How to Dress for Christian Dancing – 3 steps

Are you wondering how to Dress as a Christian Dancer?

To Represent the Lord well in the Dance, examine the attire of the Dance.

We can simplify this to 3 steps to getting into the Christian Wardrobe:

To represent Christ in Dance, you will need to cover up most of your skin…A major significance between a worldly dancer and a Christian dancer is skin. How much skin is or isn’t showing and which body parts are showing. Most Christians with the Holy Spirit will not feel comfortable with showing body parts on stage. It distracts from the message of the gospel of Christ.

*Cover your breasts, bras, and cleavage
*Do not wear skin tight clothes around your genitals
*Cover shoulders and mid arms
*Do not wear clothes shorter than your thighs
*Stay away from clothes so loose or short that when you turn, it shows your underwear

Your clothes should reflect the dance style your are performing. Unless it ties into your unique choreography, keep your dress and props in accordance to the techniques you are moving in.

Your clothing material, colors, and cut should coincide with your vision or purpose of each dance piece. If it is a piece set at an archaic time or different culture, do some research and study what that time and place wore, that you may imitate it and bring authenticity to your dance.


  • modest fitting clothing, like flowing skirts and pants, with long or mid-sleeved shirts
  • props like, streamers, banners, or flags
  • capes and scarves

The most important of all things to consider in dressing for the dance is following the Holy Spirit and seeking Him in what would please Him in your dance!

Another source for ideas of specific dress wear according to genre: Christians

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