Building Your Skill

Some Christians believe that if you do something for Christ, then it should come naturally by and from the Spirit without  going to the ‘world’ for sharpening.  While it’s true that the gifts He gave us to serve Him are innately built inside of us, we still need to give our best to Him by practicing our craft.  Shall the world’s standard be higher than what we offer Christ?

With the extremely high level the world is on, of which has been promoted by competition, we should offer at minimum that level of excellence to Christ.  In order to be moved by the Holy Spirit in umlimited way, as Heather Clark points out, we should learn as many types of dances and moves for versatility.

Practicing and doing routines are ok, but there will be times that, as most worship dance leaders experience, the Holy Spirit will guide you in a spontaneous freestyle dance for Him.

Although there are no commandments on which dance types to take and which to avoid, using wisdom along with the leading of the Holy Spirit will assist you to do what’s right.  What is obvious, is that a Christian shouldn’t be dancing in clubs, which has impure spirits that prevert the purity of the dance gift.  In addition, a christian should not be taking strip, pole, nor belly dancing to offer to the Lord at the alter and in front of people that could lust after it.  The best way to keep these moves from ‘accidently’ showing up, is to not study them at all, unless you can control your members.  Remember that the Lord instantly KILLED the sons of Aaron, of whom offered profane, impure incense to the Lord.  It was mixed with things the Lord had not approved of.  So be careful that your belly dance moves do come out when you are presenting your dance offering to the Lord!

Folk Dances from other cultures, are intricately interwoven with their lifestyles, which includes the worship of their gods.  Some of their music and body movements are directly connected to this and those dances should be forbidden to the Christian dancer.  If they participate, it is as if they too are worshipping those gods.  This is idolatry.  If you have done this, let the Spirit of God convict you as you repent.  There is hope for you; just stop doing them.

Can you be a Christian and still dance?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: It depends.

Answer these questions:

Who are you dancing for?
How are you dancing?
What are you wearing?
Who is your audience?
What type of music are you dancing to?
What is your motive?

You’ll have your answer once you examine these things…