Overcoming the Artist’s Temperament

We’ve all heard of the infamous stereotypical “Artist Temperament”, where visions of mad genuises with  abnormal creativity, extreme sensitivities, and emotional perspectives rule their spirits.  So how does one keep the Artist without the temperament?  Well there are several approaches to this, all minding the same theme: what you do not master, master’s you.

*Fast/Consecrate – during your abstaining from foods, tv, music, media, etc, for any period of time, focus on staying in His Word and Spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit to allow Christ to rise within you while your flesh dies.  Find Scriptures to support your focus, to quote  John the Baptist, ‘He must increase while I decrease’.

*Become Self-Aware – if you are not already so, this may take some time.  You will need to withdraw from fast paced living and increase your times of solitude for reflection.  As you start to become aware of yourself, pay attention to your words, actions, re-actions, and behavior.  You can journal to help you reflect, this will allow you to notice patterns of triggers that have you respond in certain ways.

*Replacement – find something positive to replace the negative with.  For example, if you always get upset and sulk everytime some one says ‘you’re not doing this right, why can’t you imitate how I’m doing it?’, stop yourself from pouting for a few minutes and think about doing it so perfect that the speaker is learning from you.  Then listen to their advice and do it again.  This time you’ll get closer to, if not meet,the standard.

*Overcompensate – when you are known to react and express intense emotions that affect others, try to pick a direct opposite’s emotion and operate in it until it becomes you.  To illustrate, if you are typically melancholy, act cheerful to everyone and everything, until this becomes natural.

*External Focus – let yourself go.  No, I’m not talking about being unkempt, but being more attentative to your environment.   Pay attention to external factors, such as other people, nature, buildings, cars… Start observing them with great detail.  This will create a habit of taking the focus off of your self, and your feelings and onto what’s going on around you.

These are the ways taught from the Lord and my family.  If you have any great suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!