3 Mid-year’s Poems to Dance


What? And What again my Dance?

Is it not tangible, that your affection could be upon me?

Lie not to me, and show me your thoughts

But What?

Could it be?

My reciprocating love has entered and filled me…


Dance is in Love with me!

I am in love with Dance..

When in motion,

I am the happiest in the world.

I love to move you,

I love to express you,

I love to feel you.

Yet, would I still be perfect

If i admit..

There are times i dont want to dance,

Times i must force myself to move again,

Wanting other pleasures…

Is that true love?


Have you ever tried to grasp

the meaning of the air

When its occupied with a laspe

of turns, leaps, and forms?


Did you mean to glide

slip or float

To another position’s tide

with ease and flair?


Are you studying art

that affects the senses

In touch, sight, and heart

to leave invisble impressions on me?