The Difference between Dancing to Christian Music and Dancing for Christ

There is a difference between an anointed dancer for Christ and a christian dancing to christian music.  The anointed one

  1. is called into the ministry of dance
  2. has the purpose of God on the dance to minister to others
  3. is not just doing an exercise in showcasing great moves
  4. has a gift of dance and seeks to perfect the gift for the Giver of that gift
  5. has viewers that will sense the presence/anointing of God on the dance and will experience one or more of the following:
    1. healing
    2. confirmation
    3. comfort / mercy
    4. salvation of Christ
    5. baptism of the Holy Spirit
    6. understanding of the Spiritual Realm
    7. an answer to a prayer
    8. delieverance
    9. presence of the Lord

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