The Difference between Dancing to Christian Music and Dancing for Christ

There is a difference between an anointed dancer for Christ and a christian dancing to christian music.  The anointed one

  1. is called into the ministry of dance
  2. has the purpose of God on the dance to minister to others
  3. is not just doing an exercise in showcasing great moves
  4. has a gift of dance and seeks to perfect the gift for the Giver of that gift
  5. has viewers that will sense the presence/anointing of God on the dance and will experience one or more of the following:
    1. healing
    2. confirmation
    3. comfort / mercy
    4. salvation of Christ
    5. baptism of the Holy Spirit
    6. understanding of the Spiritual Realm
    7. an answer to a prayer
    8. delieverance
    9. presence of the Lord

5 Things to Observe…when watching art in motion

Truly one can get lost in the beauty of art.  God enjoys beauty as one can witness in His creations. Look at nature, man and woman, the animals, planets, and the earth’s terrain.  Perfection and spendor unduplicated (Matthew 6:29)!  Admist these natural or supernatural wonders, the Lord uses signs, seasons, and symbols to signify His purposes.  He teaches us line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little (Isaiah 28:10) by His Holy Spirit in truth.  Unfortunately, satan, the preverter of all truth, does so to.  He uses subtle messages and conditions one to eventually do his desire.

When watching art, we dont want to be on autopilot, captivated by the distraction of entertainment’s lure.  Instead we want to stay sober, being aware of the enemy’s devices and messages.  Here are 5 things to become keen at when observing any art:

1 Examine the name of the piece or artist(s)

*They often tell you their purpose and function through the name.  Its very clear the enemy has his purposes for the individual, just like God does when he renames a person. ( Jacob to Israel, Abram to Abraham ).   For instance we noticed some entertainers ( artists/dancers ) named various words that all point to a derivative of these definitions: meaningless, nonsense, empty, silly, childish. In a world that defines one by their success, why would one want to be named something that means those things?  Maybe to give the viewer something meaningless, nonsense, empty, silly, childish to distract and make blind to receiving truth.

2 Notice where the camera lens or spot lights focus on, in the piece or environment

*In some movies and videos, the camera hones in on a specific body part, in which can subtlely condition the viewer to subconciously focus on this area, having the flesh to rule instead on the Spirit.  We’ve also seen a rise in men, and surprisingly women, grabbing their crotches during dances.  What is the purpose of this?

3 Pay attention to the dress that is chosen

*Look at the colors, shapes, sizes and fits.  All of these things speak subtle things to the audience.  Colors are used symbolically, especially in entertainment and of course the tighter it is, the more flesh can be outlined.  We are not saying the human body is not to be  considered beautiful or admired, but we are saying we should be using our bodies as a living sacrafice to God, we should be admiring the Creator and not the creature, and we should allow our husbands and wives enjoy the creation of our bodies and not let the whole world lust for it.

Another illustration to be aware of is the use of masks.  One entertainment group in particular wore all red with white masks.  The white on the faces symbolized a fleshing out or wiping away of the face, its expressions, its communication, its humanity.  To wear a mask means multiple things like hiding whats real, hiding whats underneath, deceiving, lost of identity, able to be easily molded.  Be mindful of this, as its used quite a bit.

4 Consider the movements of the most popular, most talented, or most publicized groups

*Usually, people show you through their actions what they are doing and who they are.We’ve noticed the classic enemy ‘horns’ signs in the midst of a dance routine.  The group wasn’t deaf nor were they dancing to rock and roll.  We guessed they weren’t rooting for Christ.  This same group made a motion to hold up the audience with seemly invisible weaponry as well as mime a suicide.  Whatever motion you do in the natural has a reaction in the spiritual, whether we realize it or not, and is a reflection of truth. One may think they are strong enough to deflect these things, but the mind is very powerful and feeds off of what ever we allow any of our senses to take in. The mind records and stores it for later use for what your soul would rather forget. God gives His people life and it more abundantly (John 10:10) and has overcome the second death (Revelation 21:4-8), but the enemy would desire you perish in it. People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Watch what you consume.

5 Research Previous History for the true foundation

*Whatever the foundation of somethins begins with, it never evaporates, just because its name changed or its meaning altered (erased and rewritten). Research Christmas, Easter, and Halloween for examples of this.  We could attach links, but we don’t want one to believe we found a support for our ‘theory’, but if one researches it him or her self, they will find various sources that will point to the truth.

So look at the type of involvment the artists, groups, or entertainment has, as well as their motto or purpose.  We found a very creative dance company that almost parallels cirque du soleil, but when we researched their name, it meant Devil.  How obvious was that? Sadly, we never followed this company again.