You know you are a dancer when…

* you cant help moving to some rhythm in your head everywhere you go

* you hear a beat in everything around you

* you are mentally choreographing to each song you hear

* you want to blast music so loud until your body can feel it too

* your body cries to move in the studio when you haven’t been in a while

* your body wants to dance in non dancing environments when listening to music ( store, bank, car )

* all you think about is dance, dance, dance

* you buy whack dance movies just to see one dance scene over and over again

* you can see dance movement in all types of movements

* you look at others during a normal course of the day and say to yourself, that could be a dance move

* you want to buy new music only if its ‘danceable’ to you

* you constantly check any mirror near you to see how you look doing new moves

* you visit a music/dvd/book store, you go straight to the dance section

* you watch a choregraphy, and later try to imitate the parts you liked

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