Prostituting Art

Its seems currently that dance is more popular than it ever was in history.  There were times in history, and especially in certain cultures, that dancing was viewed as unrespectable.  To learn a particular dance, and just like martial arts, one had to search to find an instructor and who would be willing to pass the art to a pupil. Now, every type of dance is exploding with new students and experienced teachers.  With video, youtube, and other video services like ehow, one can learn dance without ever going to a ‘studio’.  The mediums of interacting, teaching, and learning have evolved.

Everyone is dancing!  Amateurs, professionals, the underground skilled, even the unskilled are moving their bodies.  Dance is also everywhere.  Because of its influence on your mind, body, and spirit, as dance encompasses all these to express something, businesses are taking notice.  Even though God gave this art to use to glorify him ( notice in the Bible where dancing is recorded, its usually in a praise to Him or expression of joy in a battle that He gave His people – see tab Dance in Scriptures ), the world is using it for their agenda.  That agenda right now appear to be prostitution.

Dance is being prostituted to sell.  Sell music, sell products, sell service.  Look at all the commericals.  They now incorporate some type of dance, usually hip hop, funk, or street, to sell something.  50 years ago, you rarely saw dancing in commercials ( check out this one, or that one and this one ).  Presently, dance is not only the ideal mode to market a companies product or service, but dancers, being so desperate to share their art, get paid, and become famous, are willing participating.  Its not just the businesses doing; it always takes two to tango.

Understandably, dance is being seen in ways like never before; the perspective on dance has been modified to a more positive one, with its exposure in many avenues.  So the excitement of being apart of that can sweep away one with it.  Yet dance, as well as any art should not be used to sell.  Dance should be respected as an artform, taking its part in something meaningful, pure, and highly esteemed.  Next time you turn on the tube, count how many commercials use dance in their ads.  Since dancing is a natural expression of joy ( its hard to be sad and dance at the same thing ), it is being used to associate joy with whatever is being sold.  Feeling joy when one sees that product or service, means more people buying it.

I urge you dancers, to please stop pimping your dance art!

You know you are a dancer when…

* you cant help moving to some rhythm in your head everywhere you go

* you hear a beat in everything around you

* you are mentally choreographing to each song you hear

* you want to blast music so loud until your body can feel it too

* your body cries to move in the studio when you haven’t been in a while

* your body wants to dance in non dancing environments when listening to music ( store, bank, car )

* all you think about is dance, dance, dance

* you buy whack dance movies just to see one dance scene over and over again

* you can see dance movement in all types of movements

* you look at others during a normal course of the day and say to yourself, that could be a dance move

* you want to buy new music only if its ‘danceable’ to you

* you constantly check any mirror near you to see how you look doing new moves

* you visit a music/dvd/book store, you go straight to the dance section

* you watch a choregraphy, and later try to imitate the parts you liked

Defining Dance

Dancing itself is neither good nor evil. From the Christian perspective, its your intent in the Dance that determines where it falls on the scale of positive “good” or negative “evil”.  Through your dance, you are serving something.  That something can be one of three things: yourself, satan, or the Most High God.  There are two entities that control this atmosphere: God and His enemy, satan.  Whether you realize it or not, you will serve one in your talent.  If you are serving yourself, beneath that spirit is the one of pride, which brought the devil down, cast out of heaven to earth. Make a choice to serve the one who gave you the talent, has all knowledge about that talent and has a purpose for that talent.

Consider these questions:

What do you think about when you dance?

Do you focus on the moves only or is there a theme or spirit behind your movment?

Are you promoting an idea? or a person? or an event? or a god?

What is your motives for the Dance or what are motives being provided for you?

Do you seek to please or incite an emotion from the viewer?

Are you perfecting your craft for competition or self aggrandizement?

In the Lord, there is no competition only creativity.  Everyone has been given at least one gift to worship and serve Him with.  If dance is your gift, the more your sharpen your skills, you can carry a greater anointing ( see Jesus’s parable on talents, Luke 19:11-27 ).

Not all movement created equal!

Although Dance is usually indigenous to the place its birth, not all dances have the same intent.  Some dances worship the god of its land, some dances express emotions, a life phase, or full story, and yet other dances promote self desires or purposes.  Holy Dance is to worship the True Father and Creator of this Universe.  This is the highest form of Dance and the most powerful.  One must seek to workship the Lord, so that an anointing ( His Presence ) accompanies the Dance, otherwise you will have an empty vessel performing for self.  When the Lord approves of the Dance you break the yokes of the peopls and minister to God.